About the Blog

Who says that the only way to move forward is to never look back?  The truth is that the present is entirely defined by decisions that not only you’ve made, but any decision that has ever been made by anyone.  We currently live in a culture that is so saturated with “the right way to live” when this has been the case for thousands of years.  We have new diets, new trends, and new ways of thinking, all of which are fundamentally based on past diets, trends, and ways of thinking.  Even on an individual scale we have become the types of people we are today because of the types of people we were a decade ago.


I am not trying to live in my past, but to deny its existence is to deny who I am today. And I am damned proud of the person I am today! This blog is for my children and their grandchildren, so that one day, when I’ve dissolved into the earth, they can look back into the past and hopefully learn something new about the family the come from. This blog is for my family so that they can understand the woman they helped shaped. This blog is for my friends who are interested in my life. This blog is for strangers looking for someone to identify with. But, most importantly, this blog is for myself, so that I may continue growing and learning more about myself as I continue my journey.

En Routrospect /än ˈro͞otˈretrəˌspekt/:


1. A survey or review of a past course of events or period of time during the course of a journey; on the way forward while looking back .

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